Door experts

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors have been one of the most popular home improvement products of the decade, mainly because of the growing appreciation of their performance benefits, improved aesthetics and the fact they are easy to maintain. Choosing the right bi-folds can often be a challenge and buyers should consider many things ie material, guarantees available, thermal efficiency, security requirements and what configuration is right for their property.

Garage Doors

A garage can take up a significant proportion of the front of a property making it one of the most important exterior aspects. The exterior appeal of a new house is well known with facades, brick colours, mortar, render and roofing options all selected with care. The windows and doors are equally important as should be the garage door. A modern garage door is key in helping to create a great first impression and maximise the value of a property. Automated up and over doors continue to be popular and despite a vast selection of finishes and colours available, including natural wood and wood style finishes, white continues to be the most popular colour overall.

Pocket Doors

Sliding or pocket doors, offer a range of benefits to a property that lacks space or where there is a need to adjoin two rooms fluidly. They continue to grow more popular in Europe however the UK market is yet to embrace the hinge door alternative to the same extent as our continental neighbours. Sliding doors can be an aesthetically pleasing alternative for interior timber doors, they are easy to install and can be used with doors as heavy as 100kg. A glass pocket door with locks added can be used to create extra space in an en-suite creating a bigger and brighter feel as well as providing more room for sanitary ware.