Properly Insured? warns that approx. half of all UK contracting firms, including Builders, Plumbers, Roofers, Electricians do not have adequate insurance to cover their work. Many Contractors take out a basic policy then do not check the small print which does not properly cover the nature of their work.

The UK needs to build around 250,000 homes a year to keep up with demand but has consistently fallen short of targets. With a growing skills shortage, set to increase with Brexit, is it time to start thinking outside the box?

Timber Frames – The Future

Timber frames is building a reputation for a quick, cost effective and green solution during the UK’s chronic skills shortage. Added to this is the materials shortfall which is only going to be worsened by Brexit. Timber frames can plug the gap as it saves on labour and takes less time to construct.

Timbers Health Benefits

Wood is a sustainable material and as a natural product it has many health benefits as well as acting as a carbon store. Several recent studies have shown how homes built with timber products can have a positive impact on inhabitants health.

A Japanese study found exposure to wooden panels significantly decreased blood pressure in comparison to exposure to steel panels which had the opposite effect. Another study in an Austrian school showed children studying in classrooms constructed with timber compared to standard classrooms were less stressed, had significantly lower heart rates and were generally happier.

There is a definite positive response in people in buildings made from or containing wood because of the warm and calming effect it has.

What Do Home Owners Look For In A Builder?

Being a member of a trade body is a key factor for home owners when looking for a building according to research on behalf of the FMB. More than 40% of respondents used online searches when looking for a builder, however over 90% still seek out personal recommendations.

A growing trend of home owners are looking to improve their existing home rather than move to a new one. Over half questioned were planning major refurbishments ie new kitchen or bathroom, while nearly a quarter are planning major improvements like an extension or loft conversion.